Blue Coral Charters is a Vancouver-based yacht chartering company with an environmental education focus. The company has two main objectives:

  1. eco-adventures that focus on education and preservation of the marine environment, and
  2. using renewable energy technologies that promote environmentally conscious practices.

Salish Sea Keepers

The mission of the Salish Sea project is to build awareness about environmental issues related to climate change, and the health of the Salish Sea and to demonstrate renewable energy technologies as an important part of reducing our carbon footprint. To help make this come about, Blue Coral is launching the Salish Sea project.

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We Operate

  • Day trips in English Bay, Howe Sound and Bowen Island
  • Sunset cruises and fireworks shows
  • Individual and group charters
  • Educational trips to local areas of interest

Your Captain

Simon Fawkes is a Transport Canada approved captain with extensive experience in yacht chartering and boats in Canada and internationally.

About Blue Coral

Blue Coral is committed to the health, preservation and sustainable utilization of the world's oceans. The world’s oceans are one of, if not the, most important elements that maintain the earth as a habitat able to support life. Yet increasingly, the importance of the oceans is overlooked or ignored and it often taken for granted. The signs of stress from mass killing of marine life for food and the impact that pollution and accidents are evident in the death of coral reefs, the reduction and poor health of marine life.

Blue Coral operates Blue Coral Charters, promotes awareness about the world’s oceans and supports research and development into renewable energy technologies that reduce human impact on our oceans. Blue Coral believes that the creation and promotion of renewable energy technologies will foster an environmentally conscious economy that respects a healthy ecosystem. Enacting this commitment means seeking out innovative and creative alternatives to unsustainable practices that promote the health and welfare of all living creatures.

The Blue Coral Group also includes Blue Coral Marine, which seeks creative ways to select and market renewable energy technologies with a particular focus on BC produced technologies, and Blue Coral Projects which works to raise awareness about marine ecosystems through education and discovery.

Blue Coral is based in Vancouver, Canada.

The Boat

"Arial Sea"

Aerial Sea is a 42ft sailing catamaran equipped to carry 12 passengers and complies with all the necessary safety equipment regulations under Transport Canada’s Small Vessel Monitoring and Inspection Program.

The boat has large open decks ideal for viewing the seascape, taking in the sun and relaxing. There is also a large canopy to escape the sun on the hot days.

A catamaran is a logical boat in which to experiment with sustainable energy technologies because of a low contact hull design allows for reduced friction and high energy in-energy out ratios.

We are also exploring other low impact sustainable energy systems.